PJS India
Whom we work for
The main characteristic features of our target group which define their vulnerability and marginalization are:
• Most of these families are below the poverty line along with low investment in terms of nutrition, health, education and social security
• They do belong to lower and backward castes
• Women, especially from poor, backward communities and castes
• The differentially-abled
• Communities living in remote areas where infrastructure in terms of roads, electricity and water supply are non- existent or in poor supply
• Communities living in disaster prone areas

Why do we work with Vulnerable/Marginalized People?
To our understanding, poverty is not only an economic state but is basically a process of social exclusion and marginalization. This process of marginalization excludes certain groups or communities more than the other and reduces the choices available to these groups/communities to come out of poverty. As most of these groups/communities are based in areas which are disaster prone to the core and are directly more dependent on the natural resources for livelihoods and sustenance, we work with a sense of urgency to address the issues of vulnerability and marginalization. The pro-active initiatives are taken to increase PJS outreach to vulnerable and marginalized communities as most of them are poverty stricken and have poor access to infrastructure and information and stay in remote areas.