PJS India
Secretary Message
The Pragati Jubak Sangha(PJS) since its inception in 1993 has been highly successful in engaging itself in diverse kinds of activities related to development and social change with special focus on building the capacity of various community level institutions in the areas of water and sanitation, environment and conservation, livelihood support services and public awareness generation in hygiene promotion. The results of PJS in each of its niche areas have been quite remarkable and encouraging.

The issues, activities and agenda of PJS have never remained fixed or a static phenomenon and it has long been pioneering innovative approaches to meet the needs of rural people as well as solving the problems of rural areas. Presently PJS with its renewed interest in the processes of sustainable social and economic development is increasingly involving itself in issues related to human rights, human dignity, advocacy, awareness, networking, environmental protection and other matters.

PJS since its inception, has truly demonstrated a strong and ground breaking development cooperation among various stake holders at grass roots levels. We are very pleased to let you know that our project interventions continue to place special emphasis on supporting the efforts and development endeavor of disadvantaged sections and groups who have been deprived from the benefits of planned development since independence.
I do hope that the successful and well planned project interventions of PJS will help the rural communities in achieving sustainable development which in turn will support them to lead a dignified quality of life. I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all who have been with us in our journey towards community empowerment.

I am sure that the primary stakeholders, donors, and development practitioners will appreciate the efforts of PJS. I take this opportunity to congratulate the PJS team for their commitment, zeal, zest, hard work and dedication to achieve the overall goal of the organization.
I wish to express my sincere appreciation and admiration to all the partners, supporters, donors and to the communities with whom we have worked over the years for their openness to new and innovative development ideas.